Unwined Live is a global social platform founded by Roger Bissell that unites and empowers people through the exploration of food, wine, culture and travel.

Through a digital show, classes, tastings and travel excursions, Unwined Live offers an opportunity for passion-driven exploration and discovery in an authentically connected way.


NEXT SHOW: 9.30.20 4pm PST // 7pm EST

Fabio Bonini, CEO, Balsamico Bonini

Fabio Bonini Unwined Live

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Unwined Live is also an advocate and digital marketing consultancy for brands and companies looking to build awareness, community and unforgettable experiences. The platform includes:


Curated Food & Wine Events (Online & Offline)

Engaging Social Media Content

Custom Travel Experiences

Strategic Consultation – Food & Beverage, Staffing and Events


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