My Hidden Gems: Dallas, Texas

With all of my travels to cities around the world, I always find local gems that beautifully represent the city’s energy, passion and heart. In the year that I have resided in Dallas, Texas, I have been pleasantly surprised to discover incredible people and places. Here are five of my local favorites that should also be on your radar.


A restaurant located in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood that is known for some of the freshest highest quality and variety of oysters. I also particularly enjoy their late night kitchen hours on most nights except Monday. Their wine lists is also more diverse than the average list in town. Late night oysters are only $2.


It truly represents local farmers and fresh produce in a wonderful neighborhood setting that allows me to connect with locals. The market also brings me back to my roots of being raised on a farm. Farmers represent some of the true heroes of America.


This unique destination in the heart of downtown Dallas has a big city energy the minute you walk in. I also like their  commitment to charcuterie and house made products. Great selection of Italian wines needed in a pinch at lunch.


Leo represents all of the things in the wine industry that I fell in love with years ago – simplicity, honesty, and integrity with a commitment to delivering an unrivaled customer experience every time. He is a breath of fresh air and is on a mission to be one of the best in wholesale distribution in the Dallas Metroplex.


An excellent wine store known for its “best in class” customer service and variety of wines. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they will gladly order it for you.






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