Find The Love Of Your Life With This Wine

Many of us drift through our lives without ever taking time to stop and smell the roses.
We have many missed opportunities within our love life and or life in general. There are distractions such as work, social media , and the nonstop sensory overload from every media outlet available.
In this modern age we all live in I find love to be a hard thing to find and to be fleeting at times. Moreover it usually finds you. Sometimes you can put yourself in a position to find someone who’s interests more align with your own or that is within a place in their life that is ready for love.
One of the most intimate things you can do is share food and wine together with the ones that you love.
A wine that is elegant and elicits romantic feelings in nearly everyone whose lips it has touched is Barolo. Barolo hails from northwest Italy in the region of Piemonte. It is made from the noble grape of Nebbiolo. It often times has rose or violet aromas along with truffle, red berries and herbs. The bouquet alone has a seductive and sensual essence that makes it irresistible. The very utterance of the name evokes memories of rolling hills in the Langhe, Piemonte. It is known as the wine of kings or the king of wines.
Slow down your life take sometime to find a great bottle of Barolo and truly enjoy it while inviting someone over for dinner or going out to eat. Typical pairings would be Agnolotti Pasta, or Barolo risotto. Live the Dolce Vita and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! 

MY PICK: Rivetto Barolo Leon Riserva 2012

(Pick up a bottle of this at your local Sigel’s if you’re in Texas)





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